About Us

OEM CBD is committed to creating Canada’s highest quality CBD products, derived from mature, non-GMO industrial hemp stalks. We are a parent distributor company of the following Canadian CBD brands: CBD MagicCBD2Heal, and Zen Leafs.


We use a proprietary full plant extraction method that allows us to obtain a complete range of secondary cannabinoids including but not limited to CBN, CBDV, and THCV. Beneficial terpenes, phytonutrients and other essential oils are infused with full-spectrum cannabinoids, creating what is often regarded in the industry as the “Entourage effect”. This yields a much more potent blend where the secondary cannabinoids in our Full Spectrum line will work synergistically with each other to create a stronger effect.

Depending on your business model, you can opt to sell our established CBD brands (wholesale pricing) or sell under your own brand name using our White Label and Private Label OEM options. Choosing a supplier for your CBD business, as well as making informed decisions regarding product qualityprofitabilitystart-up costs, and risk management are massive factors in determining the success of your venture.

Rest assured, by working with OEM CBD you will be able to meet the above criteria, and in turn generate a high ROI with your business.

OEM CBD Wholesale

Product Quality

We pride ourselves in creating the highest quality CBD products on the Canadian market – tested for purity, potency, and quality in state-of-the-art facilities.  The certificate of analysis is published for every product listed for sale, ensuring all products contain less than 0.3% THC content. Full-spectrum CBD requires whole plant extraction, and our market leading technology allows us produce some of the lowest THC formulations.

We have thousands of reviews from real verified customers since entering the CBD market, further legitimizing our products. This is especially important at a time when the market is saturated with numerous CBD brands unable to provide testimonials.


Our wholesale opportunity allows for a generous ROI with low upfront costs. While there is a minimum requirement of $1000 CAD per order, you will be entitled to a discount that is over 50% off the retail price.  A substantial profit margin and competitive pricing strategy provide you with a lucrative opportunity to resell our products.

Investing in our products will allow you to mitigate any challenges associated with product recognition. Our CBD Magic and CBD2Heal products are some of the most renowned brands on the Canadian CBD market.  We know you only get one chance to make a first impression and look forward to supporting your seamless transition into the market.

Start-up Costs

We know how the pandemic has impacted the lives of families, business owners and potential start-ups.  For this exact reason, we are offering low interest financing up to $60,000 CAD, with flexible plans that can instantly lower start-up costs.

Risk Management

We firmly believe that the term “Final Sale” is not representative of a company who stands behind their product.  If you invest in our products and could not sell them at your expected rate, you may return the unsold/unopened products back to us for a FULL REFUND within 90 days of the purchase date for all branded products. This will ensure that you will not lose a single dollar on your CBD investment.