Private Label OEM

We offer both White Label and Private Label OEM if you wish to sell CBD products under your own brand name.

Our White Label option is essentially our branded products without any labels, boxes, or inserts.
This means that you must brand the products yourself and assume the expense of the packaging materials.

With our Private Label OEM option, we will take care of the branding process so that you can focus on selling.
There is a one time packaging materials cost applicable for any Private Label OEM orders. Your products will arrive ready for immediate sale.


For White Label, we offer an additional $5.00 CAD off per unit to pass on the savings of the packaging materials back to you.

For Private Label OEM, the cost of branding including labour is an additional $5.00 CAD per unit.
There is an initial 500pcs packaging material cost applicable for new designs. This minimum order is required by the packaging supplier.

If you are able to supply the packaging materials for your Private Label OEM order, it is recommended that you opt for the White Label option instead and allocate the protocols for branding the products within your own facility.

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